Mapping Visaginas. Sources of Urbanity in a Former Mono-Functional Town

ISBN kodas: 9786094472176, EAN kodas: 9786094472176

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SKU: 000000000002169850, EAN kodas: 9786094472176, ISBN kodas: 9786094472176, Spalvingumas: Dvispalvis, Viršelio tipas: Minkštas, Originalo kalba: Anglų, Puslapių skaičius: 144, Leidimo metai: 2016-12-01, Formatas: 24x17x1, Knygyne: 19.75, Leidykla: Vilniaus dailės akademijos leidykla

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This book is the second volume documenting an ongoing participatory research on the changing meanings, values and functions of the Soviet layer of the built environment in radically glob¬alised and re-scaled societies. It continues one of the key commitments of the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism to understand the contempo¬rary moment as the outcome of an unprecedently accelerated reconfiguration of the geograph¬ical scales at which societies are organised. Such reconfigurations of relations between pro¬cesses at local, national, regional and global scales have turned urbanism into a much more complex and dramatic product than that which we grew used to in the second half of the 20th century. The city currently is no longer a resource which belongs exclusively to state run planning bodies, but a field that is critically rethought from various angles and challenged by various players and tendencies. The issues that this series of the Laboratory’s publications seeks to engage with are twofold:, firstly, to examine how inhabitants of towns and cities in the Post-Soviet Baltic States, and Lithuania in particular, are, and might be, included in and excluded from the new forms of urbanity thus emerging; and secondly, to reflect on newly required and provoked methods of scholarly research and intervention.

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